First – Write down (do not skip this part)  1 NEW HEALTHY HABIT that you would like to incorporate. Second –  Put this somewhere that you will see it everyday! Third – Write down what needs to be adjusted to make this work. Fourth – Write down what might present a roadblock to this habit.  […]

Tips Tuesday

September 21, 2022

Hack your way to better habits! 

“I’m pretty pumped right now, Amie. Love that you’ve given me flexibility in logging alcohol. Also finding it fairly easy to drink water between alcohol and loving the effect. Thank you so much.” -Karen S

Client Testimonials

September 18, 2022

Flexibility with alcohol tracking

Biggest win this week….The bloating is gone! I don’t feel like I swallowed a basketball after every meal!  The digestive enzymes were just the trick. Thank you! This client was experiencing some serious bloating and it took a bit to figure out what might be the cause.  Not only did we determine some food intolerance […]

Client Testimonials

September 17, 2022

Bloating is gone!

It is finally peach season ya all! This salad is so yummy!!!! Palisade peaches are my ABSOLUTE favorite but any ripe peach will do! Thank you Lillie Eats and Tells for this delicious recipe! Freshly Charred Corn and Peach Salad INGREDIENTS 2 ears of corn (291g after sliced off) 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved (90 […]

Food Friday, Recipe, Side Dishes

September 16, 2022

It’s Peach Season Ya’ll

Pst… going to a festival/fair and enjoying things for one day is NOT going to kill your progress.  I’d recommend you try all the things that you’d like but go with friends so you can share!  It is true, because your body is now a lean, mean running machine. You might not feel the best […]

Tips Tuesday, Weightloss

September 13, 2022

Your Fair/Festival Guide to Hitting Your Macros!

Let’s get it stated right! Here are some quick and easy back to school options for breakfast! Whether you’re in school or not you may need something quick and on the go! Starting your day off right with a great breakfast will set you up for success for the rest of the day!! Pre-made B-fast […]

Breakfast Bonanza, Energy, Meal Prep, Nutrition

September 12, 2022

Back to School Grab & Go Breakfast Options – 

Optimists live longer even if they are wrong.  Our mindset is a major component in our overall health.  The reality is the placebo effect when it comes to a positive outlook actually has been shown to improve overall health and health related targets when correlated with specific nutrition or treatment goals and and positive outlook! […]

Mindset, Mindset Monday

September 8, 2022

Want to Live Longer? What does mindset have to do with it?

We get it!  You may be working with a coach that is constantly encouraging you to get that protein up or you see the information out there about the benefits but you struggle on the daily to get enough in!  It was true for us as is true form almost all of our clients.  We […]

Tips Tuesday

September 7, 2022

How do I hit that protein goal?

Take time to slow down and enjoy the journey I know we all have goals and trust me ….no one is more in a hurry to get there than me. If you know me you know I only know one speed.  FULL SPEED!  However, taking time to enjoy the process is important! It also helps […]

Mindset, Self Care

September 4, 2022

Slow down. Enjoy the journey.

“For the first time ever I am not up 5 pounds every weekend.  These changes really have made a difference!” SH

Client Testimonials, Weightloss

September 3, 2022

Weekend Weight Gain Goodbye