The Nature of the Program
Coaching with Summit Health & Fitness (further referred to as Coaching in this document) is a respectful combination of training/education, conversation, experimentation, goal-setting, and implementation/follow-through with strategic action steps. It is designed to help you work toward your highest health and fitness goals, more specifically, with regard to nutrition and body composition, to properly evaluate and adjust your goals as necessary, and to help you develop an empowered relationship between your body and food.

Our Role as Coaches:
The role of the Coach is to assist with the improvement of nutrition-related challenges, such as weight, overeating, binge eating, and body image, as well as to develop a general understanding of the importance of proper nutrition. Throughout the program, the Coach will assess your lifestyle, eating habits, and progress and will suggest modifications to the Client's nutritional habits and lifestyle accordingly. ​Coaching services are not to be construed as, or a replacement for, psychotherapy, legal advice, or medical advice.

Your Role as a Client:
Ultimately, the coaching relationship is about you, the Client. Your primary role as the Client is to take full responsibility for your nutritional habits and lifestyle. You enter into Coaching with the understanding that you are responsible for making your own decisions and results. Furthermore, your honesty, motivation, and willingness to adhere to the program are imperative to achieve your desired results. If there is anything that is not satisfactory for you about our work together, please let me know immediately so that we can take the appropriate steps to correct it. Mutual honesty and trust are critical for our success in working together. ​You agree not to hold the Coach liable for any outcomes resulting directly or indirectly from the Coaching process.

Confidentiality is important to me. I will keep all information exchanged between us confidential. Furthermore, I will not disclose any information that you share with me with anyone else unless: 1) I believe you are at risk of being of danger to yourself or others, 2) when required by law, or 3) you have given me prior permission.

To ensure the most productive use of our check-ins, please ensure you are thoroughly prepared for your weekly or bi-weekly check-in’s. Prior to checking in, please take time to reflect on your progress and challenges in the past week and to thoroughly forecast the same for the upcoming week. If at any point in time you need to contact me with questions or feedback between check-ins, you can reach me by email at any time with questions at or text me at 507-210-9430. I try to respond the same day, but please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

Payment Policy:
Prior to the commencement of Coaching, you agree to pay the agreed-upon price for your plan using the payment method we have agreed upon. I require your first two months of coaching to be paid up front, and you will be billed by Stripe monthly thereafter, recurring on the first of each month. Your monthly rate will not change without advance notice. Please note, I require a 30-day notice of your intent to terminate the coaching relationship. In addition, all sales are final and are nonrefundable.

Much of my work is generated from Client referrals. If you are benefiting from our relationship and wish to refer friends, family, or colleagues for Coaching services, I greatly appreciate any and all referrals. Additionally, if you have feedback you would be willing to give by way of testimonial to be used on my website and social media pages, that would be of tremendous help. Your electronic signature below is an acknowledgment that you have received, read, and are in agreement with the information stated above.

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM
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Thank you! Your coaching agreement has been received successfully. We absolutely can not wait to get to work with you. We will be in touch as soon as possible.