6 Week Healthy
Habits Course

Brand New

Ditch the diet rollercoaster and create healthy habits that last a lifetime without paying for a one on one coach!

Are you tired of starting a plan only to fall off as soon as that party rolls around or that work event pops up….only to keep playing the “I’ll start Monday game!”? We are here to provide a firm standard and a reminder of what you really need and how to get there. No judgment or blame just sound guidance.

Why Work with Summit Health & Fitness?

I continue to educate myself on the most current and effective diets, body types, non-dietary wellness perspectives, ancient wisdom, biology, fitness, cooking methods, self-love, the microbiome… you get the picture. I will always invest in education so that I can provide each and every client the very best program for their goals.



There is never a one size fits all plan for nutrition. Every individual is different. How an individual’s body metabolizes food, allergies they may have, preferences and what their goals are required individualized plans and comprehension. Having a program that is unique to you will bring long term success without the stress of dieting.


In order to make life long changes and new healthy habits, commitment and dedication are a requirement. I am all in and I need the same commitment from you!


Creating long term success and permanent results require support and encouragement! You have access to me 24/7 along with the support of our tribe of mentors and clients who have traveled the very same path you are on. They have been where you are, faced the fears and made the changes. They are living proof of the success that is in store for you. No need to travel this road alone. Join our tribe because our support is unmatched!