The only one who can tell you ‘you can’t’ is you and you don’t have to listen.

I'm Coach Kim

I believe that we are our own worst critics and until we can learn to love who we are we can’t become who we want to be.

I love being outside.
I love being around my friends and family.

Crossfit is my stress relief and it helps me come back to who I truly am especially on those days I forget who I want to be.

I love to talk and connect with people, that’s my therapy.

Helping people, helps me feel fulfilled.
I always have time to listen when people need a lending ear, it's my way of giving back.

I, like Amie, hate being late and strive to be organized.

I received my Bachelors in Business Management at age 44.

I believe we all have something to offer this crazy world and helping one another is how we can all be successful.

I encourage people to learn from their mistakes if you do that you have the knowledge to not make the same mistake again.

A little about me