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Are you looking to train for a Triathlon but you don't have the time to put in all the miles?
Are you a busy professional who wants to achieve optimum health and fitness at home in an hour or less per day?
Are you bored with your current training regimen?
Are you loving your current program but looking for some accessory work to focus on problem areas or build specific skills?
Our goal At Summit Health & Fitness is to create the fittest version of yourself without a huge time commitment or need for equipment.

We have created a series of programs that incorporate interval based conditioning, classic strength training methods, and metabolic conditioning sessions that center around functional movements.

We would love to help prep you for any race! Spartan, Tough Mudder, Triathlon’s, Marathon’s, CrossFit competitions let us guide you to your peak performance.

Join us at our local boxes to train as well! Crossfit Holdfast in Owatonna Minnesota and Crossfit Skopos in Northfield Minnesota.

Fitness Coaching

Ready for a challenge?

Really we just want to drum up some hype for, not just your gym game, but your kitchen game too! If you know anything about me or what we do here at Summit Health we are constantly working to help all our peeps align their nutrition habits with their lifestyle and activity level.

We're looking for go-getting goal-setters... or however you describe your self.

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