This is me. A piece of the puzzle that makes me who I am.

I was so scared! 

I didn’t want to have surgery. Breaking my hip and repositioning it and then wearing a brace for almost a year.   To a 10 year old that sounded awful.  

But what was the alternative? 

Exercises that I had to do two times daily and a 3 mile walk every single day.  😳 Again to an 10 year old, that sounded overwhelming….but it was still a better option to me than the alternative.   

And so it began. 

My parents helped me map out how many times I would have to walk up and down our mountain dirt road to equal 3 miles. And every morning and evening I would lay in bed, completing these tedious and annoying exercises.  

From about 8 on my hip imbalance progressively got worse and manifested itself in being severely pigeon toed. In going to specialists we found there was two options. Surgery or trying physical therapy & an exercise plan to see if we could correct things before they continue to progressively get worse.   

 My parents strongly encouraged me to try the physical therapy route before we consider surgery and I was on board. Surgery and wearing a brace for a year sounded awful.  I wanted nothing to do with it. However, the walks and the exercises every single day that sounded dreadful.

To be honest, I feel like first memorable experience with hardship and adversity is what began to build and teach me resilience, commitment, and dedication. 

Every morning, I would wake up earlier than my brothers. I would complete my boring exercises in my bedroom while it was dark and quite. No one but my dad was awake yet. When I was finished, I would bundle up and head outside to complete my mile and a half walk. All alone while my brothers were fast asleep in bed.   

I’d go to school, walk home from the bus and head out for my 2nd mile and half walk. All the while my brother and neighbor kids were riding bike or canoeing in the irrigation ditch outback. And there I was walking up and down dirt road. Having to intentionally consciously think about every step. Concentrating on how I placed my foot every step, thinking about the position of my hip and hoping that this would work. 

I did this for an entire year. 

Through beautiful spring mornings where the dew glistened on every blade of grass in the hayfield to the gorgeous fall, where frost would slowly melt as the sun would rise.  In the beautiful summer mornings where the wrestling Aspen leaves would fill my ears with song and through the mountain snowstorms that felt like the clouds would never stop dumping the fluffiest white snow all over. As my snow boots took one step in front of the other. I felt proud that I committed to do the work.

I feel like the story is similar to so many of our clients. To get the results we desire without taking the shortcut can be a lonely hard road.  Sometimes while others play, it means dedication when we don’t want to be. It means commitment when we want to let it go.  It means facing adversity head on when we would just like to turn and run.  

A year later revisiting the specialist they couldn’t believe their eyes. My hips and gate had virtually transformed to be close to normal. No surgery was needed, and I was able to stop my rigorous routine of walking and exercises.  However they emphasized the need to continue to focus on every step, ensuring that everything stayed balanced as possible.  

I’m not here to judge you or shame you if you choose to take the easy path.  But if you did, where are you now. Have the results stuck. Are you happy with where you’re at or is there still progress that needs to be made? 

I’m here to remind you that WE ALL need to do the work to get the results. 

I will not say it won’t be hard, because it will be. I’ve been there, it sucks. However, you working for your results and for what you desire will taste so much sweeter than taking any shortcut.  

My team and I are here for you, my friend. 

Every single one of us has experienced adversity, setbacks and challenges, and although we may not handle each of those perfectly, we’ve chosen to be resilient and forward.  

And we can help you do the same.   

Please know we’re here for you to guide you on your journey to elevate your health! 


Even though we may not have met those goals we wanted to reach by this summer, embrace the progress you have made! Keep being proud of who you are!


1- Stay Hydrated – add in electrolytes when your sweating or moving more outside.

2- Enjoy Fresh summer fruits & Veggies.

3- Get outside & stay moving! Sunshine & Movement are medicine!

4- Get Creative with Grilling or new summertime recipes!

5 – Try and new activity or sport!

Most of these I feel like we all naturally do but be intentional.

Summer flys by and we want to really take full advantage of it!

Here are three ways to create some summer structure!

  1. Set a summer schedule – yes things might be more fluid but you can and still should set a schedule. Think about training – nutrition & work.
  2. Each Week Look at your “special events” and plan your nutrition & training around those things.
  3. Decide what really matters and what you can let go of! Do your best to stick to MOST of your healthy habits with some fun / unplanned things sprinkled in.


🌪️ Stress Relief Mirage: The Alcohol Trap 🚫😰

Raise your hand if you’ve turned to alcohol for stress relief! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ While it may seem like a quick fix, the relief it brings is often short-lived. ⏳🚫 Don’t let alcohol fool you into thinking it’s a long-term solution to stress!

😣 Hang-xiety and the Happy Hormones 🥴🎭

Ever experienced that post-drinking anxiety or a sudden mood dip? 🥴😕 Let’s dive into the science behind it! Alcohol mimics the effects of GABA, a brain chemical that promotes relaxation. So, while you’re sipping, it feels like a stress-free zone. 🌟✨ But the morning after? Hang-xiety strikes! 🌧️ The rebound effect reverses those soothing vibes, leaving you feeling more anxious.

But wait, there’s more! Alcohol messes with serotonin, the “happy” hormone, leading to a mood rollercoaster. 🎢 Brace yourself for guilt, bloating, and those frustrating temporary scale fluctuations. It’s a recipe for mood disaster! 😔📉

💤 Sleep Struggles: Alcohol’s Sneaky Sabotage 😴⚡

We all know that initial drowsiness alcohol brings, but what happens next? 🌙✨ Brace yourself for the sleep sabotage! Alcohol disrupts the delicate balance of your sleep-regulating hormones, making it harder to get deep, restorative sleep. 😫🛌 And guess what? Lack of quality sleep directly impacts your mood and energy levels. No one likes feeling drained and unmotivated! ⚡👎

📚 Unmasking the Truth: Choose Your Mood Wisely! 🎭💪

It’s time to break free from the alcohol-induced mood swings! 🚫🎭 Don’t let temporary relief fool you. Instead, opt for healthier coping mechanisms and prioritize your well-being. 😌💚 Remember, true happiness comes from within, not at the bottom of a glass!


  1. Random bedtimes and wake times! Your body loves consistency in both nutrition and sleep. Try to get to bed and wake up at similar times both during the week and on the weekends.
  2. Caffiene in the afternoon. The average half-life of caffiene is 6-8 hours, so that bang or coffee at 2:00 could be killing your sleep. Although you might fall asleep easily, staying asleep and getting restful sleep is severely effected by caffiene!
  3. You’re not getting enough sunshine! Getting outside and letting that sunlight shine on your face, skin, and eyes is creating a wake/cortisol response. Without it, often it can throw off your bodies circadian rhythm and create poor sleep patterns!

#1- You’re gaining weight especially around your mid-section.

#2 – You’re wired but tired. Feeling fried and can’t sleep but exhausted at the same time.

#3 – You are Craving lots of sweets.

#4 – You’re getting sick more often – colds, body aches, slight fevers are more common.

#5  – You have regular mid-day crashes. You need a nap about 2-3.  Coffee or caffeine & sugar are your bff are needed to get you thru.

#6 – Your appetite is minimal especially in the morning. You could go all day with little to no hunger.

#7 – If you are experiencing many of these symptoms it might be sign we need more stress management in our life.

Stress is normal and we all experience it however when we see it running the show is when we need to make some adjustments.

We are doing a live training this Sunday and we will address simple daily strategies that we can incorporate to manage stress better!

If you are not in our Mastering Nutrition Private Group shoot me a message and Ill send you an invite.

Make time for the things that you Enjoy!


Just a simple post to share something that I love….Coffee & Sundays!
What do you love about Sundays?



Matcha Green tea is a great addition to any diet as a healthy way to manage cortisol levels.

Here is the recipe for my favorite at home version:
12 oz Oat milk Steamed
1 Scoop Collagen of choice
1 scoop Matcha of choice
10 Grams Maple Syrup

Whip or Swizzel (you know with the little coffee swizzeler) together and enjoy.

Savoring every sip and just feeling the stress melt away.