How do you know if you’re making progress?

10 Ways to measure progress that is not the scale!

1 – You find that you own you actions! You make less excuses! 

2- You can run further then in the past

3- You are hitting PR’ing Lifts

4- You can do more reps than before

5- You’re more consistent than you’ve been in the past.

6- You’re recovering faster – little tweeks don’t take you out for 2 weeks

7- You find that your progress is motivating others – either pushing then in workouts or helping them to make better food choices!

8- Your relationship with food has improved.

9- You’re seeing progress in definition.  Muscles are starting to pop!

10- You are more energized throughout the day!

It is important to take a step back and really examine where you are at.  We just finished the Crossfit Open and that leads to some comparison of where we have been in years past.  A better score is not always the end all be all just like the scale should not be our only measure of progress!  We have to look at all these things comprehensively!  These things are the things that truly matter day in and day out.  

So take a moment and reflect.  Where are you seeing progress?  Share with us below.

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