What is the best way to lose weight?

  1. Sustainable – Compliance 
  2. Calorie Deficit
  3. Daily Movement or Exercise
  4. Protein & Fiber 
  5. Carbs & Fat 

A plan is only effective if you can follow it so choosing a plan that you can be compliant to and sustain long term is KEY!

Secondly a calorie deficit is literally the reason any “diet” or plan really works. You have to take in less than you burn daily or weekly on average! 

“You can not out exercise a bad diet.”  We have all heard this!  As true as this is it is also as important to prioritize movement and exercise for health and progress also!  No, do not exercise to burn off what you ate. Move because your body functions best and performs all those hormonal processes best for fat loss when you have daily movement!!

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