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Summit Health makes their Radio Debut

By Amie Chambers

  Exciting news you guys! Amie & Kim got to chat with Jeff Johnson with the KYMN 95.1 yesterday on his morning show!  Super fun to get to share a…

Jennie Favero is Crushing Life!!!

By Amie Chambers

I have to share with you all the amazing journey of my client Jennie!  You may not know this but journaling is a big part of what we ask from…

SUMMIT HEALTH Welcomes Megan Holle as a Nutrition Coach

By Amie Chambers

Summit Health and Fitness is super excited to share that we have a new coach!  Megan Holle! Megan has had an amazing journey in finding balance with food and fitness…

How to Fuel for the Crossfit Open

Fueling for the Crossfit Open

By Amie Chambers

It is OPEN season.  For those of you that don’t crossfit the Open is a 5 week competition where Crossfit Headquarters releases 1 workout / week for the whole world…


Are you ready to find a new path?

By Amie Chambers

The Journey for both client and coach can be rocky and unknown but the thing to remember is….      Allow the ups and downs to strengthen and refine you. …

Kim Aronson

SUMMIT HEALTH Welcomes KIM ARONSON as a Nutrition Coach

By Amie Chambers

Summit Health and Fitness is super excited to share that we have a new coach.  Kim Aronson! Kim has worked with Summit Health since the very beginning!  Her results were…

Lean into Discomfort! You can let it DEFINE you or let it REFINE you. Either way…YOU decide.

By Amie Chambers

Chad and I made our way back to Colorado for some necessary family affairs by we were able to squeeze in a climb and bag a 14er! On Tuesday we…


By Amie Chambers

This is a lesson I was reminded of this week. When we decide to put ourselves out there, to extend and exert ourselves for others, to open our hearts….that can…

Amie Chambers @ summit Health & Fitness

What is Summit Health?

By Amie Chambers

Summit Health is a health and fitness company that provides personalized nutrition or fitness programs for each client based on their individual needs and goals. There are some exceptions but…

Its not what you look at that matters – It’s what you see

By Amie Chambers

Are you grateful for where you are and what you currently have? Choose to feel happiness, joy, love in the present instead of waiting for that “someday” to come when…

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