Are you need of better sleep or recovery?

You may need Magnesium –

When stress is high or we are training hard our body can become depleted of magnesium. The reason is when cortisol is high your body pours on the magnesium in order to try to “put out the fire” but that can cause serious magnesium deficiency.

Some signs this might be the case for you:
Crappy Sleep
Super Moody
Slow Recovery
Constantly craving sugar

Magnesium is used in more than 500 different cellular reactions in your body.

It is crucial for your brain, heart, blood sugar levels and your mood.

Magnesium rich foods are leafy greens, avocados, seeds, legumes, and my favorite….dark chocolate.

Include these foods regularly but supplementing can be helpful too.  I take 300mg and hour before bed.

I love Pure Encapsulation’s
Jigsaw Health
You can also find Calm at most grocery stores locally.

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