Top 5 reasons people fail at losing weight

  1. Extreme Diets of Fads
    • If the method is not sustainable the results won’t be either
  2. Your weekends are a dumpster fire
    • The weekends are great because we don’t have to be so routine, but that can also lead to poor nutrition habits.
  3. You live and die by the scale
    • There are so many reasons weight might be up or down; letting the number on the scale dictate your mood or worth is a recipe for disappointment
  4. Karen did it!
    • Deciding to follow a plan because it worked for someone else doesn’t mean it’s the right plan for you.
  5. Giving up too soon or after one bad day
    • In my opinion this is the top reason why people fail to see lasting results. They expect to be perfection and as soon as that doesn’t happen they throw in the towel. Or they just don’t commit to a method long enough for it to work.
  6. Bonus reason
    • Too much or too little cardio. People who simply do cardio to burn calories will only be frustrated. On the other hand if we feel we never have to get our heart rate up that is not a healthy perspective either. Train cardiovascular conditioning because it’s good for your health both mentally and physically.

Losing weight does not have to be a battle. Letting go of some of these things will help substantially!

Simple does not mean easy. But continue to work on those habits and most importantly your mindset!

Which one of these tends to get you?

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