What about fruit?

There is a misconception out there that fruit can cause you to gain weight. I remember seeing something that said “don’t eat bananas because they will make you fat!”

The truth is, gaining fat never comes from just one food! You would have to eat an enormous amount of bananas on top of many other things, for it to be a cause of weight gain.

It’s really important to look at your diet as a whole. It is not what you eat once, it’s what you eat all day and all week and what works specifically for YOUR body.

So, how do you approach eating fruit? The female body does process sugars differently throughout the month and that is important, but it doesn’t mean you don’t ever eat fruit again! There are positive ways to enjoy fruit and reach your goals.

Balancing the sugars in fruit is very important. You want to have a complete nutrient paired with your fruit. A good example would be apple slices, paired with nut butter and hemp seeds! I also love mixing chocolate protein powder with almond or peanut butter, spreading on apple slices and topping with hemp seeds.

Fruit also has some great micronutrients, especially in the peel of certain fruits! Fruit contains a good amount of fiber in fruit which is great for your digestion.

The last thing I want to address is insulin resistance with fruit. If you are eating fruit by itself, it can cause a rise in your blood sugar, unless you pair it with protein and fat as mentioned above. Having all three macronutrients balances the sugars and prevents a significant spike.



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