Just because Testosterone levels are within a healthy range does not mean they are at an optimal level.


“Healthy” range for men 350-1,100ng/dl


Optional Range for Men:



Substantial difference huh!  


What is the best way to test for testosterone levels?


A blood test is best however there are a lot of other things that should be looked at in addition to total testosterone: 


Inflammatory markers


Liver Function

Kidney Function

Thyroid Function



Vitamin B12, Folate & Vitamin D

Iron Markers


Men should have blood drawn first thing in the morning as testosterone peaks first thing in the morning.  Avoid intercorse before testing as that can affect levels also.  Tests should be performed 12 hours fasted ideally because food can affect glucose, lipids and ever testosterone.  If you are testing multiple times per year draw blood at the same time each day to have a very consistent comparison. 


If you need to know where your hormone levels are at we can help.  What you need to be mindful of is, the normal levels that your doctor is comparing your labs to are levels of a less than well population.  Your lab numbers and the comparison to “normal ranges” are not the end all be all.  Symptoms are huge and those things need to be addressed.  


Lifestyle changes should always be addressed and implemented FIRST and then if things do not improve optimization may be in order.  


Working with a health coach along with a  Doctor can be super beneficial!



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