If you’re not consistent you can’t say it didn’t work

The hardest part of nutrition coaching for me is when clients don’t see success because they struggle so much to be consistent.

I’ve spent 100’s of hours learning and taking trainings on how to help motivate, encourage, relate and challenge each type of client but when it comes down to it some Jaír aren’t ready for change.

And of course that’s ok. But it’s hard!

It’s hard because I feel like a failure.

It’s hard because they feel like there’s another plan that doesn’t work!

Neither of which is true.

It just was not the right time for them.

When it is….We are here!

And if they find a different path to their goals we will right there cheering them in!

It’s not about us… it’s about their success no matter the modality!

Thankful for each and every client

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