Do you feel like you’re putting in the work but not seeing results?

“Put the work in and you will see the outcome you wanted.  This takes time and might take longer than you expect.  Give it time and put the effort in!” Beth C 


This feedback was from a client who had been working hard to see progress using similar methods that we use with clients but she just wasn’t seeing results.  


What changed?  


No.1 She hired a coach that made her commit for 3 months. So there was buy in.


No.2 Her coach learned what her body needed through weekly check ins and biofeedback.


No. 3 She did the work. That included letting go of the “ALL OR NOTHING” plan she had formerly adopted.  Either things were right on which meant major restriction or things were “off the rails”


No.4  She kept showing up. Even when workouts were off and weekends were a train wreck and she felt like a failure.  SHE KEPT SHOWING UP AND DOING THE WORK!


Beth.  Thank you for putting in the work! We respect and love you!


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