Alcohol Macro Cheat Sheet


Regular – Beer

12 oz 

180 calories

Log As: 45 carbs or 20 Fat

Beer  – Light

12 oz 

95 calories

Log As: 24 carbs or 11 Fat

Beer  – IPA

12 oz

188 calories

Log As: 47 carbs or 20 Fat

Beer – Stout

12 oz

247 calories

Log As: 61 carbs or 27 Fat

Wine, Seltzer & Hard Alcohol

Wine – White 

5 oz 

120 calories

Log As: 30 carbs or 13 Fat

Wine – Red

5 oz 

125 calories

Log As: 31 carbs or 14 Fat

Wine – Sparkling

5 oz 

110 calories

Log As: 28 carbs or 12 Fat

Seltzer – White Claw or Truly

5% Alcohol  

100 calories

Log As: 25 carbs or 11 Fat

  • Be sure to track your mixers!

  • While hard liquor (tequila, vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, etc) are obviously the lowest cal, it’s important to note that mixers add up.  Track them separately! 

  • Try to crush a large glass of water between each drink!

How to track Alcohol from Scratch: 

Take Total Liquor calories  

Divide by 4 = Log that number as grams of Carbs


Liquor calories / 9 = Log that number as grams of Fat

Alcohol Need to know: 

  • The body does not metabolize alcohol the same as other macronutrients! 
  • It sees it as a poison and stops all other processes to get it out of the body.
  • It hinders protein synthesis so if gains are your goal, moderate, moderate ,moderate.
  • It can raise estrogen levels which can cause heavy painful periods in women and gynecomastia (aka man boobs) in males.
  • It will cause body weight to go up so don’t freak out.  Again remember the body does not care about fat loss when alcohol is present.  Weight will come down just hydrates & give it 2-3 days.

How to enjoy a beverage without derailing your goals:

  • Set a drink limit before you get going
  • Focus on quality food for the day.  Protein and veggies forward! 
  • Don’t hoard your macros. It will lead to overeating or drinking if you’re starving.
  • Skip the surgery mixes and drinks.  
  • Make sure you track it correctly!
  • If you’re concerned about looking like you’re not drinking – grab a yeti throw some ice in there with some sparkling water – no one will know the difference.  
  • Or grab a can koozie and throw it around that can…no one will know the difference.

If you look at a nutrition label on something alcoholic, you’ll notice it probably just says something like “100 calories: 0p 2c 0f” — well that doesn’t add up, does it?

Those calories are coming from the alcohol – but nutrition labels never list calories from alcohol!

It’s not perfect, but when trying to log your alcohol, you could simply log as carbohydrates or log as fat (you could log partially as both – but that’s too complicated).Lets keep it simple!

Ps: don’t EVER, EVER log as protein and take away from those macro goals. EAT YOUR PROTEIN!

A lot of times clients are nervous about going to gatherings and not drinking when everyone else is.  What you have to realize is you think they care but they don’t really.  You can have fun and enjoy your day without the liquid courage if you’d like. All you have to do is commit and be willing to give it a try! You will probably find its NO BIG DEAL!

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