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If I could ask every person I meet their life story, I would. I love hearing about your favorite fruits. I love learning about your best vacation. I think every person has an interesting story to tell. My own story has lots of different little stories, but for this short bit I will tell you my macro story.

I stumbled on to macros almost accidentally.

After my third sweet babe was born I was maintaining the highest weight of my adult life. I couldn’t figure out how to lose the weight. I ate “clean.” I made sure that all my chocolate chips were “dairy-free.” I even tried to limit my “eating window” with intermittent fasting. Why were some people able to lose weight, but I never could?

I jumped headfirst into macro tracking because it made sense to me. I no longer had to look at food as “good” or “bad.” I just got to look at whether or not it fits into my macros for the day. This opened a whole world of “food freedom.” It also helped me lose and maintain 70lbs.

I love coaching people with Summit Health because it allows me to share some of the joy that I have found in a healthier lifestyle. I once thought I would probably never run again because even walking a short distance hurt my feet too much. In March of 2020, I ran my first marathon. I love helping people realize the moments they thought were impossible are actually possible.

I love my husband and my three kids.

  • I love my husband and my three kids.

  • I love being outside, hiking, biking, walking, running, and gardening.

  • I love reading a good book.

  • I love a good Netflix binge.

  • I love cooking, then listening to a podcast while I do the dishes.