The reason that this goal is important to me is because:
Are you looking for weight loss and aesthetics or performance and strength gains?

My goal for the next 6 weeks is:

If I could create one new healthy habit that will stick with me forever beyond these 6 weeks it would be:

Creating this new habit is important to me because:

The roadblocks that have held me back in the past form creating change are:

Please express what your willing to change in order to create this new routine or habit.
Reflect on the person that you are and the person you desire to be.
In looking at weakness's what events or situations in the past have caused you to loose control or throw in the towel when it comes to creating new habits or changes?

Please Reiterate the vision you have for the person you desire to become.

What platform would you prefer to communicate as a group on: Facebook messenger, Zoom messenger, Slack, or Voxer?

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Goal Setting Worksheet