Ready for a challenge?

Are you ready for some routine and structure but finding it hard to focus and unsure about what to work on first?

We hear you! & we are here for you! That is why we created the Back to Basics - Nutrition Challenge. 

It can also be a fun way to compete and support your local gym while trying to crush the competition. Why not use this to motivate and drive us to establish some rock solid healthy habits!

Has life been amazng but also a hot mess?

Challenge is $25
You will have the support of a private group.
Access to 4 Certified nutrition coaches.
You will receive a tip of the day along with
a chance to win $500!

Amie Chambers here

Certified health, nutrition, L2 and USAW coach. My real calling is a “wanna be” professional adventurer!  

I’m driven to a fault.  
A hippie at heart. 
And a lover of all things adventure! 

28 days to clean things up and feel your best!

I’m a recovered procrastinator, a coffee addict and a chocolate fiend! 
I’m passionate, overly excitable and my greatest joys are being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and coach!  

People are overwhelmed by all the information out there and I love helping them cut the crap and find realistic solutions! 

I thrive on working with clients to find balance and success everyday all while eating the foods they love! I created Summit Health to be a resource to EMPATHIZE - EDUCATE - EMPOWER - people everywhere in the world. We take the science of nutrition and make it simple and applicable to you!

Ready to Go All In!

4 weeks... 
28 Days
you in?

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Who am I?

4 WEEKS... 28 DAYS

Ready to do this?!

Join us Now!

3 gratitudes - 3 things that you are grateful for (1 needs to be a person and you need to share with them your thoughts)

Download an app like headspace or calm and do a mindfulness exercise for 5 minutes minimum daily

WEEK 1 -
Eat Protein at every meal and 1 snack / day - we will have an approved Protein List to pick from 

WEEK 2 -
Eat 3 Servings of Veggies daily - a serving is the size of a fist 

WEEK 3 -
Move your body every day. Group fitness class, your gym session or a Minimum of a 15 minute walk, bike, stretch session or a day.  

WEEK 4 -
Mindset -you have 2 options to choose from:

And that is it! 4 Basic Habits that will leave you far better than when you started and on the way to permanent life change if you only even stick with one FOREVER! SO EXCITED TO TACKLE THIS CHALLENGE WITH EACH OF YOU!
There is one more thing! I need you to rally some support! We want friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and cousins to join us! What a fun way to help them stay on point this time of year and expose them to your crossfit family a little too. I know how it is. We flood them with all the crossfit talk but can never convince them to actually get to the gym.

Challenge is $25 -
You will have the support of a private group, certified nutrition coaches & coaches at your gym. You will receive a tip of the day along with a chance to win $500! 

The Process and Prizes:

You will receive a Link to a Google Spreadsheet to fill out at the beginning of the week and you will need to fill it out daily. Logging for the previous week will be closed on Sunday.  

You will also receive a tip daily via email and private member only facebook group. 

"I loved how the group interacted with one another and all the upbuilding conversation and hard work people were putting in." 

"I loved the Positive vibe and Awareness this challenge created!"

"This was the least stressful and most successful holiday season we have ever had!!!" 

The proof is in the pudding... or from these
amazing rockstars!

"I can’t thank you enough for helping me to find some balance and appreciating small steps are still steps!!"

"I can not believe how good I feel just changing some food choices and eating more protein! #winning"

"I was a less hangry coworker during an already stressful time! I’m sure they would thank you!"

"I am making better choices at the grocery store and gas station. That’s huge for me."  

For the entire challenge YOU will need to:
Drink half your body weight in oz of water or a minimum of 80 oz. 
We will also focus on really cleaning things up. Trying to limit processed or fast food and sticking with more wholefood options and things that have 5 ingredients or less if possible. This is not a hard and fast rule but again….you needed help “cleaning things up peeps” so let's go all in and see if we can really feel our best!!!!

Here is your mission...
should you choose to accept it...

For each Nutrition Habit that is stacked 5 points can be earned.

Step 2

Fill out Intake Form

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Step 2

Fill out Intake Form

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