Meet Amie Chambers

Hi There! My name is Amie. I am truly overjoyed to have you here!

My Mantra...

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

I believe in doing things that scare us every day.
They only make us stronger.
I live for adventure.
Being outside is my therapy.
A warm cup of coffee or a piece of dark chocolate soothes my soul.
I’m a lot sweet and a little spicy.
I respect hard work and determination!
I hate being late and am obsessed with efficiency.
I love channeling my grandma Nori and seeing what I can throw together for dinner with practically nothing on hand.
I was a stonemason in Gunnison Colorado at 18 and absolutely loved it.
I’m married to the funniest strongest willed man on the plant.
I’m the mom to the most amazing freckle faced girl I’d ever met who is now the kindest most caring woman I know.
My Moto is GO BIG OR GO HOME! Anything worth doing is worth doing well!

Amie Chambers, Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Our Story

I'm A Rocky Mountain Girl

I grew up in a small town in the middle of the Colorado Rockies. Despite spending a lot of time outdoors many in my family were overweight and because of that, early on in my teen years, I struggled with anorexia. With constant prodding from family and after some severe hair loss and fainting episodes, I agreed to receive medical help and was able to fully recover.

From there, I met my husband Chad. As Colorado natives, naturally we found a focus on health and nutrition. As a self-proclaimed earth muffin, I helped our family to find a healthy balance with food early on.

Chad & Amie Colorado
Minnesota Boundary Waters

Minnesota Life

As we moved to the midwest, the longer, darker winters wore on us and we fell into some very bad patterns. 2 years after moving to Minnesota Chad was diagnosed with melanoma. The concern was that it had spread to his lymph nodes! With a lot of research and determination to fight from a holistic approach,

Chad eliminated all sugar and processed food from his diet. This coming from consuming a sleeve of Oreos and 3 mountain dews every day! This new approach to life and food led us down the road to several different cleanses, however, the clean Whole30 lifestyle was our new normal. We experienced drastic improvements in our health.

Training For A Marathon

Four years later I decided to run my first marathon. When I examined how I needed to eat in order to support that mileage, the runner's diet was a far cry from where we were. In that transition, I realized I had an allergy to wheat and quickly returned to our Whole30/ Paleo roots. Then came Crossfit.

I jumped in head first and quickly fell in love! I loved the work ethic required and the variety. After 2 years of being an athlete, I took my CFL1 and became a coach at my gym. Crossfit Holdfast. At the beginning of our more athletic endeavors, things seemed to be going well, but eventually, both Chad and I realized that we were not fueling properly for performance or recovery. That is when we started researching macros.

Training For A Marathon
Fueling Our Endeavors

Nutrition: Learning To Fuel Our Endeavors

We reached out to a successful games athlete and nutrition coach and she took us on as clients. Very quickly she helped us realize we were not fueling properly for our goals.

We were lacking the necessary protein and carbs to support Crossfit and over consuming fats. As we dialed in our nutrition we began to see gains like never before. Not only did our bodies change significantly but our sleep improved, our stamina was vastly improved, and our recovery was better than ever.

Crossfit Training

As the athletes that I coached via Crossfit saw these changes in us, they reached out for help also. The progression to help others happened so naturally. I quickly discovered how much of a need there was for a knowledgeable, honest resource for people when it comes to nutrition.

I took the NCI Level One certification and joined their mentorship program. I have been full speed ahead ever since. Chad and I now coach at both Crossfit Holdfast in Owatonna and Crossfit Skopos in Northfield / Dundas and we are loving every minute of it!!! Being their resident Nutrition Company on staff has been a phenomenal fit as well.

Crossfit Training
Chad & Amie Chambers

Elevate Your Health

I truly love helping clients find balance and success in there everyday life! All while eating the foods they enjoy! Helping people to find and reach their goals is so amazing! I would love to help you!

Please reach out so we can chat about what lights you up or what struggles you have to overcome. We can work thru it all!

Live Your Best Life!

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