Jennie Favero is Crushing Life!!!

I have to share with you all the amazing journey of my client Jennie!  You may not know this but journaling is a big part of what we ask from our clients.  We know that if we can dive into why we make the choices and decisions we do, especially in relation to food we find there is more success and long term adherence. Nutrition coaching is about so much more than macros.  Jennie dove into this journey and I want to share with you her thoughts. 


What made this challenging for you in the beginning?   “I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. In the beginning I tried to get perfect macros at each meal and it was taking a ton of time. The hardest part for me was accepting that my macros weren’t going to be perfect every meal, every day.”


How did you overcome that?Instead of trying to achieve perfect balance of my macros for each meal I focused on the day as a whole.  It really helped starting with the goal of hitting only protein each day and then added the others in slowly.”


Do you find it now sustainable? “Yes, it is second nature now.  Also, my kids know that nothing is off limits, but they hold me accountable.  If I eat it, they make sure I log it!”


What you also need to understand about Jennie is she is a very busy mom of two active amazing boys the wife to an awesome chef of a hubby Bill and a HR Executive & Manager of a very large nationwide company!  Here is a day in the life of Jennie:


“My day starts at 4:30 in the morning and usually ends around 9:00 p.m.  I start my day with a workout, getting kids off to school, work a full time job (that’s a bit stressful) and then come home to dinner, homework, getting get kids to practices and try to squeeze in a little family time before bed if possible.  From August – October my husband coaches so all of the parenting, cooking, getting kids to activities falls on my plate. For recreation I do CrossFit, watch my boys play soccer and our family goes to a lot of MN United games. With being so busy during the week, it’s nice to be at home and spend time together on the weekends.  I also love trying out new recipes.”


How has working with Summit Health and Fitness changed your perspective of food and how it relates to your life and fitness?  “I now think of food as the fuel I need to keep my body moving and at its best performance.  I feel better than I have in years and I’ve seen the results at home and at the gym. I’ve done CrossFit for a few years, but hadn’t really seen a change in my body.  Since working with Amie I’ve seen my body fat decrease and my muscle mass increase and the change is noticeable!”  *Since July Jennie’s Body Fat has decreased by 11.1% and she has lost over 25 pounds.  Inches and pant sizes…. don’t even get us started! Its phenomenal the changes that Jennie has made and seen!


What has been your biggest success so far?  “For the past 20 years I’ve slowly been gaining weight every year.   I’d lose some and then gain it all back and more. I don’t really watch the scale closely, but I do enough to know that I’m back to a weight I haven’t been for 20 years.  I’ve always fudged a little bit (ok maybe a lot) about the weight on my driver’s license. 


 I now weigh less that the weight listed on my license. With the tools and support Summit Health and Fitness have given me, I know that this is something I can keep doing the rest of my life.  I know this because I had some health issues this summer, but the one thing that didn’t suffer was my nutrition. Even though I couldn’t work out, everything stayed right on track and I felt good through it all.”


Would you recommend this to others? So many people have noticed the physical and positive mental changes since I’ve been working with Amie.  I tell everyone if they want to improve their health and feel their best to PLEASE give Summit Health and Fitness a call!”


What you read here… the pictures you see… Jennie’s words…

They are inspiring and motivating but what is truly awesome is…

The work

The dedication

The tireless effort that Jennie has demonstrated over the last 8 months!

This woman is BUSY and yet she makes no excuses, she refuses to take the easy road and she shows up to do the work no matter how difficult.

I remember the first time I had the opportunity to coach her. Box jumps were her weakness and a little fear inducing but seeing her tackle them with focus and with FUN!  The laughter that morning was contagious!!!  She is always on the go and has so many people that rely on her, she could make so many excuses as to why she can’t “focus on food” or “hit her numbers” but she refuses to go down that road.  Honestly you guys, it’s inspiring!  She gives us all hope that with the right attitude and work ethic there is no wall to high, no goal too lofty and no roadblock that can’t be removed!   Her journey continues as her strength continues to grow.  I can not wait to see where Jennie will be in the next 8 months!

Then and now!

-The Favero Family- Bill, Jennie, Kai, and Jee


Jennie with Michelle & Sean


Lunges for days!

Check out those back muscles!

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