SUMMIT HEALTH Welcomes Megan Holle as a Nutrition Coach

Summit Health and Fitness is super excited to share that we have a new coach!  Megan Holle!

Megan has had an amazing journey in finding balance with food and fitness and is excited to share her knowledge, expertise and experience with everyone at Summit Health!

Megan is passionate about helping others find the same balance especially when it comes to having a young busy family.

Megan shares….. ” I love the no nonsense approach to macro tracking. Personally, if you tell me I can’t have sugar, I crave sugar. If you tell me an oreo is bad, I feel guilty when I eat one. But, if you teach me the macronutrient, micronutrient, and caloric content of an oreo I understand how to eat and enjoy them in moderation. Approaching food with a macro mindset has given me so much food freedom! I’m never going back.

I love coaching people through the process of learning macros because I love seeing the “lightbulb moment” (finding food freedom) up close. I love watching clients lose weight, gain muscle, or be properly fueled for their daily life while eating as much food as possible.

As a coach I want to be able to help anyone and everyone. I think tracking your macros is similar to managing a budget. If you want to save money and live within your means you track how you spend. If you want to be properly fueled you track your caloric/macronutrient intake.
As a mom of 3 young kids I get that life is busy! I’m here to help anyone who is doing their best to make healthing living an important part of their life.”

Here are what some of Megan’s clients are saying…

-“I’ve had days that I’m struggling and all I want to do is eat a tub of ice cream and Megan reminds me that if I plan it into my day I can have ice cream the next day. Which is super awesome. She has also been supportive and understanding when I don’t always hit my macro goals. She understands that work gets in the way and life can get in the way. I also had a weekend of fun and didn’t watch what I ate, she never said I told you so when it was all done and it took me a week to recover my numbers. She understands that having fun is necessary, but that it can be done while staying within your macros. Which is something I need to work on.”

-“Working with Megan has been really helpful and fun. I was really nervous when I started counting macros because it seemed hard and confusing. It was. But Megan helped me navigate it and made it easier.

She has fielded all my questions even when they seemed silly. I have been doing this for a little over 2 months and I feel like it has become much easier and the idea of it is not as scary.”

-“Megan was most helpful when I was getting started with the Myfitnesspal app, very patient!

She always has ideas for what food to try to help me meet my macro goals. She also sends out reminders to track my weight every week, which is helpful… because I don’t always remember.”

Megan is now taking new clients!  As a welcome to the crew Summit Health is offering 3 months of coaching with Megan @ $99/month for 3 months.  That is almost a $100 savings. This is being offered for a limited time only so if you are interested please reach out!  Let Megan be your guide as you ELEVATE YOUR HEALTH!

Megan Holle - Nutrition Coach

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