Fueling for the Crossfit Open

It is OPEN season.  For those of you that don’t crossfit the Open is a 5 week competition where Crossfit Headquarters releases 1 workout / week for the whole world to complete.  You can then submit your score and see how your fitness stacks up against other people around the world and your previous years score.

This may be your first Open or your 5th.  Either way as with everything we want to give it our best.  So I wanted to address setting yourself up for success by fueling properly.

Bottom line is Nutrition matters so what do you need to know.

Create a Plan
Why are we doing the open?  Is it just for fun or are we serious about performing our absolute best.  Are we repeating workouts or are we one-and-done? Knowing the answers to these questions helps us structure nutrition appropriately.  We want to help you achieve our goals whether it be topping the leaderboard or simply staying healthy through the season.

Fuel with Purpose
Now is not the time to cut food. We’re going to be asking a lot of our bodies over these five weeks so we’ve got to be willing to give our body the fuel it needs to perform well.  Be sure to crush plenty of protein. At least your body weight in grams and don’t be shy when it comes to carbs. They are the rocket fuel for our bodies so be smart and don’t skimp on those smart carbs! ⁣ Return to maintenance macros or very close to if performance is the goal. If you need help figuring out what that is reach out. 

Manage those Micros
When under stress physically or mentally our bodies need all the support we can give them nutritionally.  If we want to manage that stress and perform our best we need to focus on quality whole food with lots of micronutrients.   Especially focus on foods high in omega-3s and antioxidants which support recovery.⁣ The more we dial in that nutrition during the Open, the better off we’ll be afterwards. ⁣

Reality Check
Do the best you can.  Leave it all out there but know there is no magic pill or secret sauce.  You have worked hard all year and you are enough! Go out there have fun and enjoy it because you love it.  Take the pressure off to be the best! Your best is all that is really needed. 


What questions do you have about fueling the Open?

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