SUMMIT HEALTH Welcomes KIM ARONSON as a Nutrition Coach

Summit Health and Fitness is super excited to share that we have a new coach.  Kim Aronson!

Kim has worked with Summit Health since the very beginning!  Her results were so outstanding and she fell in love with the process in the meantime.  She wanted to pursue helping others feel just as AMAZING!!!! Kim took her Level 1 Certification in July has hit the ground running!

Kim is driven, organized and so committed to her clients!  We are so excited to welcome Kim to our Summit Health Team!

Here are what some of Kim’s clients are saying:

“I was hesitant at first to have a Nutrition Coach- felt like someone judging what I ate and how much I didn’t exercise wasn’t going to help me, but Kim has made all the fear and reluctance go away.  She is never judgmental and makes me feel good about myself and my choices.  She is supportive and helps keep me accountable.  She always has an answer to my questions; even the texts at 8 pm asking what has a lot of carbs & protein in it- nothing is a dumb question.  I am so glad I let go of my preconceived ideas of what a Nutrition Coach is and trusted her to help me change my approach to eating and how to lose weight in a healthy way.”

“I like working with Kim because she is great at encouraging me. She is realistic and understanding of my crazy schedule. She is awesome at checking in with me.”

Kim shares with us what she loves about being a nutrition coach.

“I love nutrition coaching because I like to help people achieve their healthy living goals and feel better about who they are both inside and out.

My goal with our clients is to help them set and achieve specific but realistic goals. I also want to make sure our clients understand how to live a healthy life, for the rest of their life, not making this a roller coaster that they jump on every year.

As a coach, I want to make sure I am there when they need me or have a question. Supporting them through the ups and downs and helping them see the value in themselves and that they are worth it is what really matters to me!”

Kim is now taking on new clients!  As a welcome to the crew Summit Health is offering 3 months of coaching with Kim at $99/month for 3 months. (that is almost a $100 savings).  This is a limited time offer and if Kim books out it will close for good.  Reach out if you would like to join Summit Heath with Kim as your guide to ELEVATE YOUR HEALTH!!!

We CAN and would LOVE to help!!!

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