Lean into Discomfort! You can let it DEFINE you or let it REFINE you. Either way…YOU decide.

Chad and I made our way back to Colorado for some necessary family affairs by we were able to squeeze in a climb and bag a 14er!

On Tuesday we reached the Summit of Mt. Holy Cross. At 14,005 ft. It was BRUTAL and BREATHTAKING in one fail swoop!  It’s a journey I can’t describe. It can only truly be appreciated by being experienced!

14 years ago when Chad and I left Colorado we had horses and a plan to move them to Minnesota.  Up to that point, most of our outdoor experiences involved hunting or the being on the back of a horse.

Those four-legged friends took us some amazing places!! The Weminuche Wilderness, the San Juan’s and the Colorado Trail have a piece of our heart that’s for certain.

But reality set in, and we realized we could not afford to bring them to Minnesota. We had let go and set our sights and sad hearts on new endeavors.

That is where our dream of a Grand Slam was born.  We still loved being outdoors but now had to rely on our own two feet!

A Grand Slam is the feat of climbing all 58 -14,000 ft peaks in Colorado. It’s been slow going of course but we are chipping away at it.

When we decided to start Summit Health the reason we chose the name was because of this quest to Summit these magnificent peaks.

The idea of it is so exhilarating!

There is all this preparation and anticipation leading up to it.

You’re antsy to get rolling!

However….4 miles in….your questioning your sanity and abilities!

Can I really do this?😳

Am I cut out for this?😧

Are humans really meant to climb these?

Just like that new “plan” or “diet”.

It’s exciting and new at first…. but 3 weeks in its old, boring and just plain hard.

You start to question…

Is it working?🤔

Is this the right plan for me?🤨

Maybe I’m just not cut out to do this?😔

This is where I fell in love with climbing!!!  It’s in those moments when you start to question both sanity and ability that you have a choice.

You either choose to give in and let the hurt, the exhaustion, the overwhelm stop you……. or you DIG IN!

You lean into the discomfort!

You take it by the hand and you show it the door!

We face those same crossroads in life when it comes to creating new habits, routines or lifestyles!

When the newness wears off and it just looks a lot like work…. do we throw in the towel.

Do we let the negative self talk, the self-limiting beliefs stop us in our tracks?

Or do we decide to LEAN IN!?!

You can let the negativity define you…or let it refine you.

You decide…but no matter what… it’s all a choice.

Summit Health is here to be your guide!  To talk you off the ledge when you feel like quitting. To give you the support and encouragement you need when it just seems too much to go on.  Not only will we provide the road map we provide the roadside assistance when times get tough!!!

If your tired of going it alone only to forfeit the journey please reach out.  We would love to help.




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  1. Jp on September 6, 2019 at 5:26 pm

    You are an inspiration to all of us that have our own mountains to climb

  2. David Dennis on September 6, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    You make me the proudest Papa EVER !!

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