Vulnerable is Beautiful

Vulnerable is Beautiful

This is a lesson I was reminded of this week. When we decide to put ourselves out there, to extend and exert ourselves for others, to open our hearts….that can leave room for hurt and heartache.

Some would say your better off not doing so. Staying closed off…not being vulnerable but even in the midst of hurt I say embrace the emotions and give again.

Be wise, don’t be duped but learn the lesson and let it make you stronger! MORE BEAUTIFUL! MORE RESILIENT! 

Think about the process that a diamond goes through to be made. The pressure…the heat required to make this most precious gem is unmatched.

A lot of situations in life might feel just like that scorching heat or the constant powerful pressure.

How do you choose to respond to those situations? Do you let it REFINE you and make you more precious and beautiful?  Or do you let it crush you?

At Summit Health we ask our clients to complete a weekly journal prompt because we understand that the mind is a powerful tool and to see true lasting success we must address mindset.

A couple weeks ago our prompt was on the subject of vulnerability. 

What is something you wish people knew about you that you are scared to share?

Hiring a nutrition coach can be a part of that vulnerable process. We’re putting ourselves out there…. we’re being open and honest with everything we eat and with the habits we created.  Talk about vulnerability! We understand that it’s not easy.

We are here, NEVER TO JUDGE but to SUPPORT…..to GUIDE….and to TRUST.

Our most successful clients are those who are willing to be open and vulnerable, and to question the things they’ve always done in order to change who they want to become. 

Take the leap, learn the lessons and trust the process because…


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